MF Western NuStraw Straw Hat Cleaner Style 01053 HAT ACCESSORIES from MF Western

MF Western NuStraw Straw Hat Cleaner Style 01053


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Made in the USA Bickmore's NuStraw is a gentle formula that lifts dirt and grime from light colored and color fast straw hats. It is non-toxic and non-flammable. While ideal for spot cleaning, it is recommended that the entire hat be cleaned.


How is NuStraw applied? Always check for color fastness in a hidden area before using. Shake bottle well before using. Remove surface dirt with a soft brush. Pour a small amount of NuStraw on a soft moist sponge. Rub the spot in a circular motion from the center out. Wipe the area clean with a clean damp cloth.

How often should NuStaw be used? A lot depends on the use and conditions your hat is subject to. It is best to clean a stain as soon as it appears. If you wait before cleaning a stain, it could "set" thus making it very difficult to remove later.

What makes NuStraw superior to other cleaners? Formulated specifically for straw hats. The detergent based formula will not leave a chemical cleaning ring or residue which can actually attract dust and dirt. Can remove most oil and water based stains without pulling color.