Timberland PRO Mens Black Style 92649

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Timberland PRO Shoes: Black 92649 Powertrain ESD Alloy Toe Shoes

In every inch of these Timberland PRO Men's Black 92649 Powertrain ESD Alloy Toe Shoes, you’ll find high technology features designed to keep you safe, comfortable, and able to beat whatever the working day throws at you.

From the ground up, you can be sure that wherever your job takes you, these Timberland PRO shoes will take care of it. Made with the Timberland PRO 24/7 Comfort Suspension System, the polyurethane outsole is designed to provide shock absorption and bounce that energy right back into your foot, where you need it most. It means a more comfortable work day, but it also means wherever your foot goes, it goes with abrasion resistant and non-marking technology. These Powertrain shoes will look better for longer and stand up to the harshest conditions.

Inside the sole of these shoes there’s a fiberglass shank that will keep your foot well supported, even if the ground beneath you isn’t so solid. And the cement construction adds flexibility and will take less time to break-in.

The midsole of these Timberland PRO shoes is made from conductive polyurethane for consistent static-dissipative performance. That means however highly charged the work environment is, the static will flow right out of you and into the ground. Tested to rigorous US safety standards, the alloy toe and the construction of these safety toe shoes will protect you from static electricity at work.

Inside these ESD shoes there is mesh lining that’s treated with antimicrobial technology to help your feet avoid odors and stay fresh for longer. It all adds up to work shoes that stand the test of time to get you through the toughest work days, feeling as comfortable as possible.

That point is hammered home when you consider the premium microfiber and rugged athletic breathable mesh uppers, finished in stylish black and grey. Great looks, real attention to detail in how they look, and designed to give high performance, these Timberland PRO Men's Black 92649 Powertrain ESD Alloy Toe Shoes are the footwear for you!